Let us introduce ourselves.

MJ Macedo

Game Development Chief
MEMY Media

MJ Macedo is an illustrator, writer, game designer, animation director, and founder of MEMY Media. Founded in 2016 as STUPLENDO Entertainment, it is and entertainment production company focused on geek, pop, nerd, and gamer culture for all ages.

MEMY produces and creates intellectual properties -- products for local and global markets, focusing mainly on animation, games, and comics including projects by big names in the industry, such as superstar comicbook artist Mike Deodato.

With many in-house employees and many more through business partnerships around the world, including affiliation with Nintendo and Playstation development programs, MEMY has two subdivisions. STUPLENDO currently focuses on content for preschoolers and educational projects, while ANCIENT BLACK is geared to producing content for clients and other companies, in partnership with GLASS HOUSE STUDIOS.