Let us introduce ourselves.

Kenneth "Big Shu" Williams

Film Finance

Kenneth Williams, a.k.a. “Big Shu”, is a producer and deal facilitator at Glass House Studios. He shops the animation company’s original IP for film, television, animation, and games. What’s more, Kenneth attracts animation, storyboarding, and SFX creative services for in-production films, shows, and commercials for Glass House's multiple animation divisions and its audio recording facilities.

As "Big Shu," Kenneth is known as a music producer, filmmaker, and entrepreneur owner of multiple companies developing films, television (including the reality show Real Women of Brooklyn), and sports and music management, as well as apparel and other product lines.

Kenneth’s own companies include Big Shoe Films; Our Music Group; Shu Boogie Productions; Ethel Modeling Agency; Elude Sports Apparel; Baby Nation Apparel & Accessories; and Katrina’s Diary Lingerie. Kenneth resides in Brooklyn, NY.

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