Let us introduce ourselves.

Anthony Vega Cruz

Animation Chief

Anthony Vega Cruz is Rockit Animation Inc.'s co-founder, Managing Director, Digital Artist and Architect. Anthony handled projects for over 20 years ranging from Pre-production Design, 2D and CGI Animation Production, Visual Effects for film and Postproduction for TV. He began his career as a Traditional Animator working for studios in Manila, doing shows from all over including Warner Bros. and Disney TV. He left the cel-animation industry to pursue a new career in TV Postproduction with Optima Digital in the mid '90s where, as Trainee and Junior 3D Artist, he participated in several feature films which garnered local awards including those for visual effects.

Before the new millennium, Anthony joined Underground Logic Inc. (UGL), then an offline-online editing service facility, to build and start a new VFX and CGI service. As an associate, he shared project management and technical operations along with the other managing directors in rebuilding the company as a TV Postproduction shop. A new VFX company, Riot Inc. was co-founded by the same within two and a half years after UGL where a new model in the local industry will be created. This was replicated in some form or other by some local service work companies. CGI Service work for WB and WDTV continued as a vendor through a local Traditional Animation studio following the launch of Riot Inc.

Cutting Edge Productions Inc. (CEPI) followed after a brief period, this is where a new venture into full CGI Animation Production begins having been planned, set up, operated and maintained by the same following Jessie Lasaten’s venture into the Full CGI Animated Feature, “El Americano the Movie”. Rockit Animation Inc. was established from the new partnership with Riot’s co-founder following Cutting Edge Productions. Rockit is now established as a Harmony Cut-out and CGI Production studio, having come full circle in both 2D and CGI industries. The studio is venturing into creating original content along with overseas service work.